Sunday, January 6

Trouble at the Birmingham match

Regrettably there was some trouble at yesterday's FA Cup tie with Birmingham. Those there say that despite some attempts at segregation, "it broke down before the crowds got to the tunnel and suddenly hundreds of Birmingham fans were charging. The police horses intervened and it was nasty with loads of children around." My pals used local knowledge to get to the ground and avoid the aggro but it was, "easily the worst seen at the new stadium and shows how difficult to police it was."

Some Birmingham fans can certainly be very unpleasant. I recall them trying to attack us after West Ham drew 2-2 there and were relegated, and again trying to get at us past police vans following the 3-1 league Cup defeat under Avram Grant. Let's hope they don't get promoted anytime soon.


Unknown said...

Sorry to hear about the trouble I personally didn't witness any thankfully but as a longstanding Birmingham City fan this was my first visit to your new home ground and to be honest I'm absolutely gutted for you. Upton Park/Boelyn ground was one of the most intimidating grounds I had ever visited, the closeness, the full on support you gave your team and whether we'd leave the ground alive all added to the magnificent history your club has. Sadly owners see an opportunity to make money and have no regard for history despite Golds links with the club as a youth player. I appreciate things have to move on but I used to love visiting West Ham back in the day but yesterday I genuinely felt for you. Poor atmosphere coming from your end, we were the only ones singing. Just brought it home to me home how business runs football and no regard for the real fans😕

Pete May said...

Cheers and I realise Birmingham have lots of decent fans too - every club has its headcases. Economically it made sense to move, but we'll never replicate the intimacy of Upton Park. Sad to say Tottenham's new ground will be more what we needed, with stands much closer to the pitch. At times there's been a good atmosphere at the London Stadium, but that's despite the bowl shape. You'd hope long-term the club might get to own the stadium and get some seats nearer the pitch and remove the track.