Wednesday, September 5

Manuel is here to stay

A report in today's Times claims that there is no termination clause in Manuel Pellegrini's contract and that sacking him would mean his entire four-year contract would have to be paid, a sum of around £15 million. This may or may not be true, but it's no bad thing if the board have to stick by their man. 

The problem with West Ham is the constant short-termism and search for quick fixes. Look at the contrast with Bournemouth, where Eddie Howe has remained manager, there is continuity among the paying staff and the signings are selective. Even Watford look quite stable compared to WHU. It's going to take time for Pellegrini to establish his best side and get things right so let's end any talk of sackings. Having spent £5m a season on a new manager and £100m on players the board shouldn't panic at the first sign of pressure.

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