Sunday, September 9

Eleven players but not a team?

Interesting piece on West Ham in today's Observer. Paul Wilson concludes that the Irons are in danger of doing an Everton of last season, where Ronald Koeman was sacked after failing to integrate a bunch of new signings into a team. 

Wilson suggests that it is "far better in many cases to stick with what you know and find a coach capable of improving the performance of a given set of players, as demonstrated by Eddie Howe, Sean Dyche and Chris Hughton." He also writes — possibly unfairly — that, "bringing in a 64-year-old from China seemed tantamount to interrupting a retirement." 

It's certainly true that integrating too many new players is proving problematic. Perhaps for the next three games Pellegrini might need to turn to some of the players who already have experience of must-not lose games at West Ham, the likes of Mark Noble, Pedro Obiang, Angelo Ogbonna, Javier Hernandez and Declan Rice. We can get out of this, but as the piece says, at the moment winless West Ham is shaping up to be the early season stor

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