Monday, April 23

Moyes has to call out mistakes

One or two West Ham fans have been critical of David Moyes for singling out Declan Rice for public criticism after the Arsenal match, but I think he has to be honest about mistakes. It would be pointless to claim that it wasn't an error by Rice that lead to the second goal. What Moyes said was reasonably positive, in that he stated that a young player had made a mistake and that's how young players learn. He also said that Joe Hart had made a mistake after the Stoke game so he's been consistent. If Moyes had glossed over the error he would also have got huge amounts of stick on social media, where everyone is permanently outraged.

Declan otherwise had a sound game, but he'll have learned a valuable lesson, that if there's any doubt put your head on it even if you think you hear the goalkeeper call. Had he headed it clear we might have held on for a draw. Rice has played really well in the previous two games and with great maturity for a 19-year-old — he's got a big future at West Ham if he keeps learning.


Anonymous said...

Yes,totally agree. Rice is an outstanding prospect,but he made an error yesterday.
I still think the team should have rallied round though,and fought to get back in the game.Too many heads went down and Arsenal took advantage.
I think Moyes should have started with Lanzini.But that's easy to say after watching Mario.
At some stage we have to start taking the game to the opposition.We got behind Arsenal a few times in the first half but Arnoutavic had no support.
I've read a few fans are calling for Eddie Howe as manager.Not for me.Give Moyes the job.

Pete May said...

Yes, worrying the way they collapsed after it went 2-1, though Lacazette took his goals well. Lanzini made Arnie's goal and I'd like to see him return. He showed at Huddersfield he could have a dangerous partnership with Arnautovic and he can shoot too.

mj said...

Chico or Lanzini with, or just behind, Arnie. We need more presence up front

Johnwec said...

Evidently Hart shouted to Rice as the cross approached him. It seems Rice took the shout from a much senior player to be an instruction to let the ball go through to him. It is unfair to blame Rice for the resulting disaster. Hart didn't need to shout and if he had kept quiet Rice would no doubt have headed the ball away. Hart is under severe pressure and I suspect there is a quite admirable tendency to avoid piling further pressure on to him. In this case that is unfair to Rice.