Friday, August 11

A new season beckons

Well, the new season has kicked off and Arsenal have scored four at home while I have, possibly rather foolishly, predicted that West Ham will finish eighth in the Observer fan previews. Though it might be 18th, who knows? Been up in the Lake District so not much news has filtered through, apart from the fact that West Ham have signed Montenegro wonderkid Sead Haksabonovic from Swedish side Halmstads BK for £2.7 million. It makes a change to sign an 18-year-old and anyone who can make their debut at 15 surely has to be a bit special. Should be fun hearing Paul Merson try to pronounce his name, though it will cost a bit to have it on the back of a WHU shirt if they still charge by the letter. And now the Hammers prepare to kick off at Old Trafford on my birthday. What could possibly go wrong? Have to hope Little Pea stays fit and makes Jose feel green. Come on you Irons!


Rob Graham said...

Hi Pete, belated "Happy Birthday" sorry you didnt get the present you really wanted!
They were awesome! Matic in particular was like a Michael Carrick of old and at his best, and Lukaku was a beast as usual, still I think this season its about competing with the 15 closest teams to us and getting the defence a bit more solid, Lanzini will create and produce more to feed off, assuming the mickey mousers don't turn his head!

Pete May said...

Thanks Rob! Yes, Lukaku and Matic looked real quality and I think a lot of teams will get beaten at Man United so Saints away will be a much better test of the Irons.

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