Thursday, December 29

Red Bull Irons?

It looks like the Sun were trying to spice up their pre-transfer window news with the story that Red Bull were trying to buy West Ham. Jack Sullivan tweeted that the club rejected a £650m offer from Red Bull back in August — though that seems a very inflated figure — so we won't be seeing Red Bull Irons just yet. It's a relief as Red Bull Leipzig are now the most hated team in Germany thanks to the club rising from the fifth division, changing their name and vastly increasing the cost of membership. They've had flak for the stadium move and associated problems. but we could do worse than stick with Sullivan and Gold. Both are businessmen, but I've interviewed David Gold and his pride at playing for West Ham Boys and memories of early games at Upton Park are genuine enough, while David Sullivan appears to enjoy the nitty-gritty of football deals too much to want to get out yet. Never mind popcorn, we might really get to see the meaning of the word corporate should the Red Bull deal ever happen.

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