Wednesday, November 2

Having a Mayor

Yet more stadium stuff… Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has ordered an inquiry into the spiralling costs of converting the Olympic Stadium into a football venue. It's emerged that the bill has gone up another £51 million to £323 million. And it turns out that Alto Seating Solutions the company responsible for converting the stadium into different modes has gone bust. Instead of costing £300,000 to convert each time the process has to go out to tender, greatly increasing costs. The cost of the roof was also much more than expected. 

Meanwhile the Evening Standard reports that because of the demise of Alto Seating Solutions West Ham won't be able to play at home next season until September as the stadium has to be converted from the World Athletics Championship. 

Long term you do think it might be better if either the landlords sold the stadium to West Ham or abandoned athletics and just rented it for football, rugby and concerts. That way the stadium could be in permanent football mode and there might even be a way of extending the stands closer to the pitch.

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