Tuesday, August 30

Transfer window thoughts

My thoughts on the transfer window can be seen in Sunday's Observer. It's all been a bit scatter-gun so far. Zaza should be a good signing, although would we have bought Ayew if Zaza was already secured? Masuaku looks a decent left back and Fletcher is promising, while we haven't seen Fernandes yet. But so far Tore, Nordveit, Calleri and Feghouli don't look significant upgrades on what we already have. But still, there's long way to go. Click on the link to read.


PT said...

I've got to agree. Tore looks incredibly lightweight and Nordveidt makes us very defensive as he offers nothing going forward. Ayew was vastly overpriced as he doesn't score many goals. I haven't written them off but there is a great deal of room for improvement from these three. I hope it's just going to be a case of acclimatising.

Robin watt said...

Totally agree. We needed a 25 goal a season forward and I'm not sure we have secured that. I still stand by chicarita Hernandez as the player we should have signed but others have had good seasons and our heads were set on their headlights instead. I'm still confident we'll have a great season though once the quality returns to our squad.

Pete May said...

Looks a bit better now we have Zaza and Arbeloa….