Tuesday, July 5

Lost in France with Avram Grant

Sounds like my pal Big Joe had a painful time sitting with the Welsh fans against Belgium, having bought tickets thinking it would be England playing, and an even worse trip on the Eurostar, culminating in an appearance by Avram Grant. He writes: 

"I spent most of my day standing towards the front of a stationary 500-strong but semi-orderly column trying to board a train from Lille. I know, big mistake to think one could be so astute as to accurately predict the outcome of any group stage of a football tournament where England are concerned but I still say, incompetence aside, under normal circumstances we should have come out as eventual winners and then ended up participating in last night’s game (James Collins MOM btw) hence the advance purchase of match tickets.    

"Imagine our surprise when among the ensuing outbreak of barely concealed impatience and mass tutting who was to come waddling past posing for selfies than none other than Average Grant. While it took all my powers of persuasion to prevent Danny from thanking him for being the best thing that’s ever happened to Millwall this century and just as I’d composed myself to let him know he will always be highly regarded in E13 as the worst manager we’ve ever had, off he skulked, without a trace of shame, frowning and shrugging his way to join the press of French queue-jumpers gathering at the front of line!"

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