Saturday, February 13

West Ham references in Doctor Who

My book Whovian Dad: A Doctor Who Fan's Travels Through Time and Space is now out as a Kindle Single and there is a West Ham link. The Hammers are one of only two clubs ever to be mentioned in Doctor Who. In the story Planet of the Ood there’s an incredible moment. David Tennant's Doctor asks Donna where she learned to whistle like that and she answers “Up West Ham!”, which at the time had me jumping up in delight. 

The only other mention of a team that I’ve been able to find is when Charlton get a namecheck in the 1988 Sylvester McCoy story Silver Nemesis. Sophie Aldred's Ace is reading the Daily Mirror while listening to Courtney Pine playing jazz and remarks, “Charlton picked up three points.” She also mentions having a Charlton badge in The Happiness Patrol. West Ham are also the only team mentioned in Harry Potter. Not a lot of people know that.

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