Thursday, June 18

West Ham beat Posh

West Ham featured in the Evening Standard's poshness test this week (click on link to read). The quiz asked:

If asked what you will be doing during “the season” you say:
a) The usual, pitchside seats in the north stand at the Boleyn Ground, a pasty and a pint if the Hammers win, a right old dust-up if they lose.
b) Trying to pull some slappers in the Royal Enclosure on Ladies’ Day with your mates Biffo, Stinky and Trellis.
c) You’re looking forward to the Serpentine Gallery party and finally hearing Mozart’s Die Entfuhrung Aus Dem Serail at Glyndebourne, but the rest of the so-called season is so crowded and corporate these days, isn’t it?

Obviously A is the posh answer. Isn't it?

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