Sunday, May 24

Fans' Verdict in the Observer

My Fans Verdict on West Ham is in the Observer today… click on the link to read my verdict on a pretty bizarre season. And now Hull City's whole season is depending on West Ham — which should give Steve Bruce a few more worry lines.


Anonymous said...

A nice rational summary Pete. Nice to read something without the vitriol and bile that seems prevalent in a lot of forum writing at the moment.
I have somehow let my heart take control of my mind and grabbed an S.T. for next season. Feck knows (I'm Irish now) how I'm going to get there! The last train from Paddington is at ten past six on a Saturday! Also got to hope for bot too many Monday night switches. Enjoy the summer. Steve in Cornwall.

Anonymous said...

Nonsense, The problems all started when Nolan came back from injury and Allardyce decided to go back to route one football and moved Downing to the wings instead of behind the front two strikers where he had been playing his best football. Having Nolan back in the team upset the free flowing football we had been playing and its no coincidence that at the same time Song's performance's started to dip. We became predictable and easy to defend against..... Has Allardyce never heard of the old saying " If it ain't broke don't fix it ". No one expected us to finish in the top four but if Allardyce had stuck with the same tactic's that we had been playing earlier in the season it could have been possible for us to finish top 6 - 8 and we could have enjoyed the football we were watching instead of being bored senseless !!!

Anonymous said...

Anoymous at 13.03. Never take seriosly anyone with no understanding of the apostrophe,

Pedant said...

Too right. And never, ever, take seriously anyone with no understanding of how to spell seriously. Or even anonymous.

PS - and that apostrophe is in the right place.

So apart from all the above, a sparkling contribution.