Friday, November 28

Big Sam and Big Andy get loved up

Is there a budding Mills and Boon novelist lurking in Big Sam Allardyce? Earlier this month he celebrated the power of love in relation to Andy Carroll and fiance Billi Mucklow: "Andy has now got a different life - romance has blossomed. It can be very good for a footballer when they settle down off the field. When you have a relationship, you start building on that relationship by the fondness you have for each other. I think that can only be good for Andy and his football." And after the Everton defeat Sam announced approvingly: "He has had so much work done on his life. Andy has a fiancee who is the owner of a gym, a yoga gym. So as he has been striving for fitness, he has spent some time there with her." So inspired by love and yoga can we expect Sam to write a bodice-ripper where Andy accepts gifts (or at least a knock-down) from a tall dark stranger (James Tomkins) and scores the winner against Newcastle?


mj said...

I'll take an Andy wiinner. I'll even accept Keira getting the winner. As long as we WIN!!!

Pete May said...

Now Andy can do the downward dog we just might… surely Newcastle aren't as good as five wins in a row suggests.