Tuesday, October 28

We've not got Sakho in the morning?

Diafra Sakho hasn't broken his shoulder, though West Han now face an anxious wait while he sees a specialist to learn the extent of the damage he suffered late on against Man City. He seems certain to miss the game at Stoke, so presumably we now have the option of either adding Kouyate to a five-man midfield or giving Carlton Cole a game up front. I'd favour starting with CC for his height against Stoke and his ability to defend, but theres no doubting that the absence of Sakho - who scores when he wants - is going to be a big loss.

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R W Rawles said...

Yeah my front line on my rotisserie team was just getting established & and he gets injured. But I discarded Sturridge instead of Sakho! Don't want to lose him to a competitor!