Sunday, August 10

A kick up the Arsenal from Ravel

Ravel Morrison is doing a very good job of sabotaging his Hammers career. Yesterday's Daily Mail picked up on the fact he'd posted a picture of himself wearing an Arsenal shirt on Instagram. If he supports Arsenal fair enough, but he must be incredibly naive to think West Ham fans are going to accept him wearing another team's shirt just after he's come out of a jail cell. He was quick to try to apologise after the damage was done, tweeting that "West Ham are in my heart. Love the club and the way they have stood by me." The Mail also had a picture of Morrison calling Nile Ranger on FaceTime, another gifted footballer who has thrown his career away. Currently on remand,  Morrison is innocent until proven guilty of common assault charges, although the court was told that he had made threats to throw acid in his ex-girlfriend's face and blow up her house. For all his talent, it's looking like Sam Allardyce was right about Ravel all along.


Mick-the-Miller said...

Yes, he does seem to be proving Sir Alex (and BFS) right in their judgement of him.

On another site there is a suggestion that he suffers from sort sort of Mental Health problem and that there should be some sympathy for him - however I reserve my sympathy for his 'alleged' victim!

Pete May said...

He's clearly a young man who needs help - but increasingly looking like he'll end up like Gazza minus the trophies if even Ferguson couldn't sort him out

teddybard said...

With application he could have been noticed for the right reasons
sadly however he comes nearer
to midfield W*nker than Anchor.