Sunday, July 13

London calling on new WHU crest

The new club crest has been unveiled and I think it's OK - the crossed Hammers are reminiscent of the 1960s shirts and it's a nice simple design. There's some great footage of the Thames Ironworks on the West Ham fans' poll too. I think it would be better if the word "United" was the same size as the "West Ham" and I still have some reservations about "London" having such prominence. Though if on a global scale it gets over the idea that "there's only one team in London", that can't be bad. Or is David Sullivan overestimating the influence of London branding? If we must have it, could another alternative be to include "East London" on the badges, which reflects the songs we sing and the club's heritage?

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Karl Letchford said...

I like it, it's modern, easily recognisable and respects the club's history