Thursday, February 6

Chico Chico what's the score?

Chico Flores has been winding us up again on Twitter. The Swansea thespian writes: "I'm a bit tired of the strong insults from the West Ham fans. Whoever doesn't see the aggression in that action is blind. They should be more preoccupied with the ugly way their team play football always making very long passes and never quick short passing… They should be worried about that before caring about such evident things. Ok West Ham 2-0 Swansea... Swansea 24 points, West Ham 22 points. Hahaha. Smart!! Good luck." 
We'd look forward to booing him next season if Swansea weren't going down… And the fact Kevin Nolan's second was West Ham's first headed goal of the season rather belies the long-ball argument, as does, say, Noble's great through ball to Jarvis in the first half. In any case, Andy Carroll heading the ball isn't against the rules — though simulation and ungentlemanly conduct is. 

Meanwhile there are press reports that West Ham are considering legal action over the verdict and with so much money depending on Premier League survival you can hardly blame the board for looking at this option, even if the PL clubs have all signed up to abide by the appeals procedure.


Tuckshop said...

If it was just West Ham fans I'd say fair enough, good answer, but what does he say about the Swansea fans that are embarassed about his girly squealing?

Pete May said...

And he has a record for doing it last season too…