Monday, August 5

Sign on with hope in your heart?

All quiet on the striker front. It appears Solomon Kalou has turned us down because Sam won't guarantee that he plays down the middle (seems BS's tactical inflexibility has cost us there) and Luic Remy looks set for Newcastle, though with the possibility of a rape charge against Remy following his arrest in May, I don't think we should have him anywhere near Upton Park until that case is resolved.

There's also a rumour we're interested in Werder Bremen's Marko Arnutovic. Doesn't seem like BS is interested in Darren Bent either. All rather worrying as we're left with an unfit Andy Carroll and Modibo Maiga as our only established strikers. On a more positive note, Joe Cole has introduced Razvan Rat to Roland Rat videos on YouTube. Indeed, Roland Rat may have to play up front for us at this rate.


Anonymous said...

"seems BS's tactical inflexibility has cost us there"

hardly inflexibility, we play a certain formation, a formation that got us to tenth last season after promotion from the Championship, and we are supposed to be dictated to by an average player over what style we prefer, merely to accommodate him?

really? don't make me laugh mate.

Pete May said...

I agree the formation got results, though I still think it's too rigid at times. If we sign a quality striker then Sam will have to tweak it anyway. Last season we did well, but it's still very predictable how a WHU side will play. Nothing wrong with keeping the opposition guessing a bit more.

Anonymous said...

Was that comment from Big Sam?

Pete May said...