Friday, June 21

Liverpool fail to play Moneyball?

Seems like Liverpool paid Andy Carroll a million quid to leave according to today's Daily Mirror. You do wonder if Brendan Rodgers is guilty of one of the sins mentioned in Michael Lewis's book Moneyball — undervaluing a £35 million asset because he doesn't fit his idea of what a footballer should look like.

Yes, he was overpriced initially and Carroll might appear to be a big lump, but he can also play on the ground and has a good left foot — he's more than the battering ram he might seem. Ironic, as Liverpool's owners are meant to be disciples of the Moneyball philosophy. Having spent all that money on Carroll it's amazing they only gave him a chance for one season (in which, despite having difficulties fitting in, he scored in the FA Cup semi-final and the Final and won a League Cup winner's medal).

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