Thursday, January 3

Always believe in Joey Cole?

Joe Cole is having a medical at West Ham. He certainly took his goal against us sharply enough for Liverpool a few weeks ago and he gave everything the season we were relegated under Glenn Roeder. It's exciting news from a sentimental viewpoint, but will he ever be the player he was? Probably not, but Allardyce and his team have a record of getting the best out of veterans like Gary Speed, Youri Djorkaeff and Ivan Campo. Cole's also had a good season at Lille on loan (playing 31 times and scoring four goals) despite failing at Liverpool. Much will depend on his fitness and wages - he was on a whacking 92k a week at Liverpool and has been paid £3 million to tear up his contract. But this is a player who won three league titles with Chelsea and was England's best player at the 2006 World Cup. If his wages are related to appearances, then it's worth taking a chance on Joey.


jaybs said...

Welcome Back Joe,WELCOME HOME! the wage he is reported to be being offered is £30K, I think he will offer us more than the other Liverpool player or should that be reject Carroll!who is really over paid!

Pete May said...

30k a week has to be seen as reasonable compared to his 90k a week at Liverpool. Seems like he wants to take a cut to join us. Hope he's still got some mileage left and will benefit from Big Sam's scientific approach to fitness.