Friday, October 19

Sit down if you love West Ham…

Good piece in the Daily Telegraph by Paul Kelso on the future of the Olympic Stadium. He claims that Boris Johnson and the Legacy Company are now considering spending £200 million on installing retractable seats, six years after dismissing the possibility. This means the 25,000 permanent lower seats would be ripped out and replaced with the retractable seating while the supposedly temporary upper seating would remain as part of the stadium. Why they didn't do this in 2006 is a mystery, as Eggert the Eggman was already interested. Retractable seating covering the athletics track would certainly make it more like a football stadium, though there will inevitably be arguments over how much the Olympic Legacy Company contributes and no doubt more complaints from Spurs. But Karren Brady is in a strong negotiating position with WHU as the only feasible option. Sounds like good news to me. Click on the link to read the whole piece.

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