Wednesday, June 13

Will Jarvis join the Common People?

"Hammers offer Jarvis a lifeline," reads today's Sun. Initially I thought this might be an offer to Jarvis Cocker to warm up the Common People aided by Jeremy Nicholas. But turns out it's Matt Jarvis. The paper claims we've made a £4 million offer for the Wolves winger. We need a wideman and he's a decent crosser who scored eight goals in a rubbish team (apologies to Nigel's mate and HITH follower Adrian but they were pretty shambolic after McCarthy was sacked) last season. Suspect we may have to raise the price a bit, but I'd be reasonably happy to see him at Upton Park.


Adrian said...

Can't argue with the 'shambolic' bit!

I think you will have to raise the offer. He's a good player, crossing sometimes a little wayward but we will be sorry to see him go. A move 'darn sarf' will probably suit him as he grew up in Surrey.

Pete May said...

Thanks Adrian - I think he could be a good signing, recall MOTD singling out his crossing when he got the England call-up.