Wednesday, July 6

Writs hit the fan

The Olympic Park Legacy Committee has announced an independent review of the bidding process for the Olympic Stadium. This follows the Sunday Times story about OLPC director Dionne Knight, who has been suspended following the revelation that she had been employed by West Ham on consultancy work without the knowledge of the OPLC, as well as having “a personal relationship” with WHU’s Olympic Stadium Project Director Ian Tompkins.

Meanwhile Boris Johnson says the stadium will still go to WHU, we’re threatening to sue Spurs, who have used a private security company to dig in the dirt, and generally the whole thing reads like the plot of a John Le Carre novel.

You do fear the whole stadium project might go the way of the Jarndyce and Jarndyce lawsuit in Dickens’ Bleak House, with the stadium rusting away for the next 20 years as the clubs fight interminable battles in Chancery…


matt said...

Bleak House? Wasn't that the pub we went to in Wigan after we got relegated?

After all these years of Tevezgate legal action, our lawyers must be among the fattest cats in the City. (Incidentally, I believe they used to represent Gary Glitter, which doesn't bode well...)

Pete May said...

Or is it Hard Times for the Hammers?