Friday, June 17

The man who fell to Perth

Saw some sew-on West Ham badges for biker jackets on sale in Fremantle market.

While my Aussie-exiled sister's boyfriend Franco says he works with a couple of Aussies in Perth who have never been to England but support West Ham.

"Are they masochists?" asked my younger sister from Romford.

And then on the Indian-pacific train from Perth to Adelaide Tony the train manager revealed that his brother-in-law in England is a massive West Ham fan and once took him to West Ham versus Fulham.

It proves we're a global brand (at least Down Under) even in the Championship.


Ben Pahl said...

Am a West Ham fan in Adelaide, my great grandfather played for the Hammers but know of at least 5 mates who follow the Hammers with no solid connection. I would comfortably say I see more WH shirts about town than any other club bar Man U, Liverpool and the Gooners. COYI

Pete May said...

Good on yer as they say in these parts. Funnily enough we're now in Adelaide for a couple of days... What was your great grandfather's name?

Makes you think that with this fan base we really could be a big club if the owners and management ever get their act together