Wednesday, January 20

The Club Landlord

First Egghead and now the Pub Landlord. A very funny comparison of David Sullivan in his claret jacket and blue tie and Al Murray's Pub Landlord in today's Daily Mirror.

Maybe he'll get a job in the White Horse Bar serving West Ham Chardonnay for the ladies?

Other claims in the Guardian are that it would cost £2 million to get rid of Duxbury, so his job is safe. While the Telegraph claims that the deal only cost Sullivan £20 million.


TBI said...

Whatever it cost I'm seething.

Pete May said...

Sullivan and Gold might not be perfect, but we had to get new owners from somewhere or the club would have gone into administration.
Presumably Fernandes and Intermarket didn't come up with the cash or Straumur would have sold to them.
Personally, I'm prepared to give them a chance and judge Sullivan and Gold on results.