Saturday, November 21

We're solvent and we know we are?

Interesting piece in today's Daily Telegraph by Jason Burt claiming that things might not be as bad as we thought financially.

He claims that that things are improving at Icelandic bank Straumur (our main creditor) post-credit crunch and that the club has had three interested suitors. These are David Sullivan and David Gold (obviously quite keen to judge by leaks to the tabloids threatening to buy Charlton instead if they don't get us cheap), US consortium Intermarket and Malaysian entrepreneur Tony Fernandes, the founder of Air Asia.

Burt also claims that the debt is easy to service on a £90 million turnover and with the improvement in Straumur's fortunes we will not be forced to sell players like Cole and Green in January. Let's hope he's right.


TBI said...

Champions league here we come!

Pete May said...

Or at least a Christmas beano in Ken's Cafe...