Tuesday, October 20

Not the Messiah?

The News of the World had a back page exclusive about a US consortium apparently trying to buy the Hammers. At first we assumed that North Bank Norman, now a Tae-kwondo magnate in San Francisco, was coming back to save us and install Clicker Bacon, Porky the Poet and Part-Time Percy as executive vice-chairmen.

But no, the consortium was fronted by one Jim Bowe, a Wall Street financier. Rather worryingly, today's Guardian says that Bowe has only been in his current job for a month at Intermarket, a Canary wharf based financial analysis company, and implies that the whole exercise was designed to get a bit of free publicity. And there's still no information who Bowe's mystery investors actually are.

Maybe Jim Bowen might be more likely to score a Bullseye?


matt said...

No, he's certainly not the Messiah, and yes, he is a very naughty boy (as is the NoW hack who aided and abetted this nonsense)

TBI said...

Now they are just taking the piss out of us. Could it get any worse?

Pete May said...

The only way it could get any worse is if Mike Ashley comes in… who would apoint Paolo Do Canio then sack him after 11 games and appoint Dennis Wise.

Still think Sullivan and Gold might move in when our price drops. Not that I particularly want porn barons running our club, but we're desperate and they at least have some knowledge of football and East End links.

North Bank Norman said...

I am indeed trying to put together a consortium of TKD black belts with Cockney connections to buy the club. Sadly, there's only me and my niece, and between us we've only manage to raise a couple of hundred quid and a few Tetleys tea bags. If there were some sick kids involved I could probably get some of my students to donate a few bob.

We could still offer more than the porno kings though.

Pete May said...

Could you throw in some real coffee and pancakes as well as the teabags? You'd have more than Pompey's old owner. And there are sick kids involved, Deano, Dyer and co should get your students sympathetic.