Friday, August 7

Putting in the hours

The average football fan racks up nearly 800 hours a year following
their beloved team, a survey published today reveals.

According to research from Virgin Money, the average fan spends 33 full
days being a supporter - that includes travelling to and from matches,
watching TV, searching the internet and talking about the game with

Such devotion works out at 15.3 hours a week or 795.6 hours a year.

Mystic Matt asks: "Does it also include sitting for hours with your head in
your hands wondering if Tristan and De Michele will ever score?"

Or indeed several millennia looking at wondering if we'll ever sign Toni,. Eidur, or any other striker...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Does it include the time spent being locked in at Hull by the over-zealous local constabulary? And does it include queueing at Ken's, or does that get filed under cuisine?