Tuesday, February 3

Window shopping

Thank God it's over. Still, we haven't done badly in the transfer window. We've retained Green, Upson and Parker and doubled our money on Bellamy. Most of the players we've loaned have been expendable such as Quashie, Bowyer and Faubert (did Real Madrid mistake him for Hayden Mullins?).

It's sad to see Etherington go, but his gambling problems had much to do with that, although quite what living in Stoke on a diet of oatcakes and long throw-ins will do for him, who knows.

Hayden Mullins is another loyal servant to go, but we did get a couple of million for him. Calum Head-on-a-Stick Davenport was rather hard done by, but it's been obvious from day one that Zola doesn't rate him. The jury is out on Savio and Kovac, but let's hope they're as good as Ilunga.

We've bought or loaned eight players this season and sold or loaned 15, so the object of trimming a bloated squad has been achieved.

And even better news is that in the latest edition of Observer Sport Monthly Rio Ferdinand says the club he'd like to play for apart from Man United is still West Ham. One for the summer, eh, Franco?


Steve Rapport said...

We've retained Parker and sold Parker. Lady Penelope won't know whether to laugh or cry.

Pete May said...

Whoops, I'd better edit that sentence. He plays well for a former safebreaker turned chauffeur, although the pink Rolls with machine guns does look a little understated next to the blingmobiles in the car park at Chadwell Heath.