Tuesday, November 4

White House United

The most powerful man in the world may soon be a West Ham fan.

Back in January the Sun outed Barack Obama as a Hammers fan. It claimed that Obama "has been following the Hammers ever since a visit to Britain five years ago.”

The story was accompanied by a doctored picture of Obama wearing a West Ham shirt and waving a Hammers scarf above a parody of West Ham’s club crest now reading "White House United". All because his sister had married an Englishman and Obama’s new relatives in Kent were all apparently West Ham fanatics.

Forget Hockey Mums. The Sun added that Obama’s campaign team had “recently revealed that he is a massive soccer fan and a nifty player himself while a student at Harvard.” Maybe he could bolster our midfield or fill in at right-back...

Am I alone in hoping that under an Obama Presidency he might buy the club and restore democracy to the Premiership, inspiring much shock and awe at Chelsea after we invade them?

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