Thursday, April 23

Thin end of the veg

Today's Guardian reveals that David Moyes has been delivering fruit and veg as a volunteer driver in his home town of Lytham, Lancashire. "It was beautiful big boxes of fruit and veg, really colourful. I was enjoying it, going back to the shop to get another lot and then filing the car up," Moyesy told Jacob Steinberg. 

My pal Nigel quips that we've had quite a few turnips and has-beans at West Ham, while Matt suggests we've also had the odd overpriced Swede. Perhaps Moyes is a fan of root one football, even if he remains very worried about defensive leeks. And at least West Ham have some history with fruit and veg, having selected Tony Kale, Robert Greens, Florin Radishoiu and Michael Carrot... 

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