Friday, August 24

Repka banged up

And I always thought Tomas Repka would become a Doctor of Philosophy after hanging up his boots. But no, in the Czech Republic the former Hammer has been sentenced to six months in jail for posting fake escort adverts in the name of his former wife Vlad'ka Erbova. He is now appealing. 

Repka's current partner, TV star Katerina Kristelova was fined £1750 for her role in the crime. Tomas was in trouble in 2015 for not paying full child maintenance and was sentenced to 180 hours of community service. He's also been fined for drink-driving. Strange, as he seemed such a level-headed player.

Though thinking of Repka does remind me that had Tomas not returned to Sparta Prague and been replaced by Lionel Scaloni, West Ham might have won the 2006 FA Cup. Repka would surely have put both ball and man into touch rather than let Steven Gerard get anywhere near it.

It's not been a good week for ex-West Ham stars. I just hope that Christian Dailly is leading a respectable life so that he can remain the love of my life.

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