Thursday, August 30

Can Anderson be the new Payet?

Saturday's game at Arsenal was my first live match of the season and despite the defeat the form of Felipe Anderson was hugely encouraging. He was the best player on the pitch and whenever he had the ball West Ham looked like causing problems. Yes, at times he goes down too easily and appeals for fouls that he won't get in the English game. But he also showed an easy mastery of the ball and some effortless flicks to gain space. 

Anderson looked more involved playing as a number ten just behind Arnie and made the goal with his give and go. In the second half he made three fantastic breaks from his own half, crossing for Arnie to fire straight at the 'keeper and again crossing for Perez to shoot wastefully wide. Felipe also made a great dribble across the box firing a shot at Cech that could easily have rebounded to a West Ham striker. 

He'll need to add goals to his game to justify his £36m price tag, but it's a joy to be watching a Brazilian in our side and you sense that he could possibly be the successor to Dimitri Payet (remember him anyone?) as the sort of special player West Ham fans love to watch.

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