Wednesday, May 30

Updated Flying So High: West Ham's Cup Finals

Check out the re-formatted Kindle version of Flying So High: West Ham's Cup Finals. It's yours for just £1.99 and now includes the 1976 Cup Winners' Cup Final defeat to Anderlecht in 1976 and the 1981 loss to Liverpool in the League Cup Final. Plus the1923 White Horse Final, the epic European Cup Winners' Cup victory of 1965, the FA Cup wins of 1964, 1975 and 1980, the FA Cup Final loss to Liverpool on penalties in 2006 and the Play-off Final wins of 2005 and 2012. There's a print version available too. Space has of course been left for the inevitable League Cup and FA Cup wins of 2019 under Manuel Pellegrini.


Brian Yeo said...

What about the War Cup Final? 1950 I think.

Pete May said...

I haven't included the 1940 War Cup Final as the official FA Cup competition was suspended. But might be interesting to add a chapter if there's sufficient information on it. And West Ham won beating Blackburn 1-0.