Tuesday, May 22

It's Manuel!

So West Ham have finally got their Manuel in Pellegrini. For once we haven't ended up with a fourth choice manager, but someone who can genuinely be described as an A-list gaffer, a man who has won the league in four different countries. David Moyes did a decent job with an unbalanced squad, but Manuel Pellegrini is an upgrade. Real Madrid and West Ham are now both on the same CV.

The advantage of having a top boss who plays attacking football is that the fan base will start the season, for once, fully united. Players like Arnautovic, Lanzini and Hernandez are more likely to stay and his reputation will attract top signings. He might even know what to do with Jordan Hugill. 

It was only four years ago that Pellegrini was winning the Premier League at Man City, admittedly after a shedload of money was spent. He also won two League Cups during his spell at the Etihad. Pellegrini cut a dignified figure at City and rarely criticised referees, which is apt for the club of Greenwood and Lyall. 

There are some reservations. With Sullivan having spent £7m on Pellegrini's salary is he now going to give him the big budget he'll demand for new signings? And will Pellegrini's reputation be sufficient to deter Sully from meddling in deals? We also have to remember that winning the league at Man City doesn't necessarily guarantee success at the London Stadium, as Joe Hart can testify.

But it's still a very exciting appointment and at last the board seem to realise that they have to deliver on their promise to take us to the next level in Stratford and provide attractive football with a top class team and boss. 


Lisa said...

Don’t forget Julien Faubert! He pioneered the Real Madrid-West Ham crossover years ago...

Pete May said...

Now there was a player!