Monday, May 28

Adrian should be given a chance

So hopefully West Ham won't be in for Liverpool's calamity keeper Loris Karius. Talking of confidence-shattered goalkeepers, now Joe Hart has gone back to Man City I'd like to see Adrian given another chance. He was treated rather unfairly by Slaven Bilic, who dropped him for half a season after an error against Stoke, and again when Joe Hart was signed last summer. But Adrian fought back to displace Hart and ended the season with a couple of fine performances against Man United and Everton (when he made three fantastic saves). 

Yes, there might be a case for replacing Adrian with an absolutely world-class goalkeeper, but he's a solid Premier League custodian and has an air of exuberance and confidence that transmits itself to the defence, whereas Hart seemed to cause panic. To sign Jack Butland would cost £30m and West Ham have more pressing priorities. We should sign a really good number two to challenge Adrian instead. The other factor in Adrian's favour is that he threw his shirt to my pal Jacqui after the Everton game and she assures me it "smelt of sweat and testosterone". As indeed does my shirt after a season of travail in row 44…


Anonymous said...

Totally agree ..Adrian for me is number 1..Yes he makes mistakes but so do most keepers through out a season.
He is up for every game and i look forward to his "VAMOS" shout before kick off.!

Pete May said...

Didn't know about his "Vamos!" shout. Good stuff!