Friday, October 23

Ken's Cafe sold for £150!

A ceramic version of Ken's Cafe has sold for £150. Thanks to Lisa for telling me about the Tower Of Babel exhibition by Barnaby Barford, on display in the Medieval and Renaissance Galleries at the Victoria and Albert Museum.

The V&A blurb explains: "The Tower of Babel is Barnaby Barford's representation of London today. Standing six metres high, it is made up of 3000 individual bone china buildings, each depicting a real London shop photographed by the artist. At the base are derelict shops and pound stores, while at the pinnacle are London’s exclusive boutiques and galleries."

All the individual buildings are for sale. The china model of Ken's Cafe (presumably up there at the top with the boutiques and galleries) has already gone — a snip at £150 — while the china version of the Newham Bookshop has also been bought for a whacking £210. Just hope Enner Valencia hasn't bought any of them as his record with bone china isn't great after teacup-gate last season. But still, it's nice to have proof that Ken's Cafe has artistic merit.


Nicola Baird said...

I wish i'd realised that the items in the Tower of Babel were on sale - so cool that Ken's Caf was in the mix. And sorry it wasn't me that bought it for you... Nicola

Pete May said...

A true work of art! Hopefully it was Carol who bought it...